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Infrastructure Support

The creation of proper Infrastructure for the different programmes of Ndlovu Care Group is a major task and responsibility. Ndlovu Care Group has its own construction and maintenance teams contributing to the excellent facilities that Ndlovu Care Group provides as home for our programmes. It does not only provide programme infrastructure but the Team has also enabled Child Headed Households to live in safe and secure housing through the construction and renovation of an approximate 53 houses.


It is Ndlovu Care Groups mandate to invest as much as possible from the development aid received in the local economy. Ndlovu Care group rather develops all its infrastructure itself instead of inviting construction companies to come and build for us. Our communities have a lot of skilled labour who work part time, and they need to be employed from the investments made in developing our community. As many local jobs need to be created to facilitate Ndlovu Care Group’s growth.


Ndlovu Care Group’s Infrastructure needs chronic maintenance and provides full time employment community members who have the skills to perform the job. There are many child-headed households who already have homes, but these need to be secured and/or repaired. Our Maintenance Team assists in that!

IT development

The current pace of globalization gives no choice to developing countries: they must integrate into world markets if they wish to succeed. Information technology (IT) overall is one of the most critical technologies affecting economic growth in Africa. We face a growing mobile phone and internet penetration spurred the services sector. Therefore, installing wiring, Wi-Fi masts and other hardware are essential.

Electricity supply

It contributes substantially to the improvement of the quality of life of the inhabitants, who lived otherwise after sunset in the light of the candles or oil lamps. With electric light you can still learn and work after dark. People combine electricity with modernity. And the Ndlovu Care Group even goes one step further. It relies on neutral solar energy as its main source of electricity to reduce CO2 emissions and improve the Ndlovu Care Group’s CO2 footprint. This concept is not only used in the new facilities. Solar energy is also being supplied to child- headed households. It provides electricity at no cost in a household without income.

Make a Donation

We believe that effective interventions can break the cycle of poverty but because we are not funded by the government, we solely depend on donations to continue serving the communities of Sekhukhune District. 

You don’t have to be a millionaire to make a significant difference. Even small donations have the potential to dramatically improve an individual’s quality of life.

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