Covid-19 Food Parcels Project Report

Dear All

Ndlovu Care Group, the Ndlovu Team, the community at large, would like to thank you for your wonderful and huge donations done to support our beneficiaries in the difficult time of lockdown and COVID19 disaster.

In South Africa at this stage (25 October 2020)  there are almost 720.000 confirmed cases, 18.944 deaths and approximately an estimated extra deaths of 42.000 South Africans who have not been given a proper diagnosis or test for COVID19.

It remains our opinion that the virus itself does not make the worst of all our Public Health threats (HIV/AIDS had in its peak time approx. 1200 death a day and 1900 daily new HIV+ patients ….. for many years) but the lockdown created over 6 million job losses. As a result extreme poverty re-occurs especially in the rural areas of which we will not recover for the next few years. HUNGER will become a main threat and daily food security is for many uncertain.

The economic disaster is enormous in a country already defined by its huge inequalities and socio-economic differences……….

It is therefore that the assistance we together have provided, has been, and will remain so important!!

We continue to fundraise and look after our communities. This we can only do with your assistance. 

The report provided will give you a good insight in how important and lifesaving the food program is. Food parcels is an emergency response, food gardens a major step in sustainable food supply. 

Thanks a million


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