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Sports, Arts and Culture

The practice of sport is important to the development of young people, fostering their physical and emotional health and building valuable social connections. It offers opportunities for play and self-expression, beneficial especially for those young people with few other opportunities in their lives. Sport also provides healthy alternatives to harmful actions, such as drug abuse and involvement in crime. There is also evidence that physical activity enhances academic performance among children.


In parternship with the Cruyyf Foundation, the Ndlovu Sports, Arts and Culture programme offeres a range of activities which include various sporting codes (soccer, volley ball, Netball, Tennis and Basket ball), indoor games, fitness and aerobics training, youth choir and many other activties. Whilst the main purpose of the programme is to nurture talent of young people promote fitness among the participants, this prorgamme also provides a safe haven for young childern who might be victims of maladaptive behaviors after school.