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After School Programme

The After School programme through Ndlovu Chill Hubs offer opportunities and a conducive environment to learners from disadvantaged backgrounds to realise their full potential and transform their communities. The After School programme serves children and youth of all ages in primary and secondary school. The Tutoring programme consisting of homework sessions and extra classes in which learners are assisted by subject facilitators is at the core of our work. Importantly, Ndlovu Chill Hubs are a safe-haven for children in an environment of deep poverty. The Chill Hubs also offer a self-study and relaxing space, computer lab for academic related research, computer literacy training, and career guidance and mentoring to enhance career pathing for youth.


The School Holiday Programme

While our school holiday programme is educational, it also facilitates a variety of outdoor activities and interactive fun games. This has been useful in keeping children away from the streets where they can engage in mischievous activities such as smoking and drinking alcohol. Activities during the school holiday programme include but not limited to tutoring, englisgh reading, computer games, indigenous games, board games and various sporting codes.