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Food Garden Programme

The COVID-19 impact on our economy and food insecurity will be with us for some time and with this in mind, NCG took a long-term view to make sure that we create better access to healthy food for more than 15.000 people. In an endeavour to improve household food security and alleviating micronutrient deficiencies, NCG initiated a vegetable garden campaign, targeting the recipients of foods parcels and the community at large. All vegetable gardens at the five Ndlovu Nutritional Units were repurposed to “seedling factories” in order to supply seedlings to our food garden beneficiary households and other interested community members for them to initiate food gardens at their homes. Due to intermittent water shortages in our area of reach, beneficiary households are taught the drip irrigation system (using empty 2 litre cool drink bottles) to cultivate the land with minimal water consumption. It is Ndlovu Care Group’s intention to extend this service to as many community members as we can reach and who are open for this initiative.   Ndlovu makes, with the assistance of donors a water wheelbarrow available for carrying water for those compliant with the program and making a vegetable garden at home. This self-contained unit talks to daily challenges in the struggle of water in this community.