Community Disability and Rehabilitation Program

Physically and/or intellectually impaired children often are not integrated into society, lack adequate medical care, and the vulnerability of these children is enormous. The physical environment is hardly adapted for needs of the child with a disability. Evidence also shows that poverty, lack of access to nutritious food, stigma and unavailability of family, and community support, and other risks factors compromise the quality of life of CYLwD.

The Ndlovu Community Rehabilitation Centre provides a multi-discipline therapy service, including occupational therapy, vocational skills development, exercise physiology (sports, recreation & leisure), assistive technology, as well as occasional speech therapy. Therapy can be provided individually and in a group. Our Occupational Therapist (OT) and CHWs works together with the caregiver to develop individual therapy goals for the child. The caregiver/parent will be educated to perform and continue these tasks in the home setting and to establish food garden in ensure food security at home. Home assessments are conducted and adaptations are made meet the needs of the child.

The OT conducts various assessments to determine if goals are being achieved. If therapy goals are achieved and a conducive home living environment is sustained, the child is placed into transition services where they receive care and support services at home. Essentially, at this stage, children are placed into home based care and supported employment/ entrepreneurial opportunities. This approach enables positive outcomes; improved quality of life of CYLwD, independent living and eventually social and economic inclusion of people living with disabilities.