Social Work Services (Childheaded Households & Ophaned and Vulnarable Children)

In South Africa 3.7 million children are labelled as “Orphaned and Vulnerable Children (OVC)” of which 150 000 live in “Child Headed Households”. The care of these children is an important focus of the work. Orphaned & Vulnerable Children and people living with disabilities face vulnerabilities and poverty, which render them helpless and unable to realise their full potential. Ndlovu Care Group enhances social care, support and protection by ensuring the provision of basic needs such as clean water, food, shelter, health care and safety. Shelter provision through building and renovation of houses ensures basic safety and security of children.

The programme also ensures that Child Headed Households (CHHs) are assisted with Life Support & Social Skills enabling them to transform their extremely poor conditions of growing up without parental guidance or family support. More so, technical assistance is provided for CHH/ OVS’s to acquire relevant legal identity (ID) documents, registrations for education and specific grants which in most cases is the only source of income for the household. Most of these children, because of their participation in the programme have matured, secured employment and entrepreneurial opportunities.