Cervical Cancer Management

Ndlovu Medical Centre has initiated, in the early years of the HIV treatment program, a Cervical Cancer Screening, Diagnosis and Treatment program on-site at Ndlovu Medical Centre. The Medical Doctors are trained to perform colposcopies and manage the early lesions through laser surgical treatment.

Large loop excision of the transformation zone (LLETZ), is the most common way of removing cervical tissue for examination and treating (pre-)cancerous changes of the cervix (CIN 2 and CIN 3). The abnormal tissue is removed using a thin wire loop that is heated electrically. The tissue is then sent for pathology and if the edges of the excision are clean of cancerous cells and the excision is deep enough as well, the procedure is curative. The women are annually screened through a PAP Smear. This programme is very popular especially by females who are also infected with HIV.