The extent to which the labour market was disrupted in the years 2020/2021 due to COVID -19 is immeasurable. While majority of people has lost their job, there was an enormous demand of essential workers especially within the Health Care and Medical Sector. 

Since the beginning this year, NCG has appointed 54 new staff members and has terminated 14 due to reasons of resignations, ill health and retirement. Most recruitments where for clinical staff( Nurses, Doctors, Medical Scientists and Technologist, etc.) . Although we had a few COVID-19 infections, we were very fortunate to not have any staff mortalities since the last year due to COVID-19.

The monthly staff movement since beginning of this year were recorded as below, making the total staff component as at beginning of July at 230.

Total Terminations122115214
Total Appointments8971172154

Of the 54 new recruits, a whopping 38% were recruited only in the month of July.  Ndlovu Care Group is and has always endeavors to create employment in South Africa, a country where the unemployment rate is rife.

The increase in employment rate means an increase in the services that Ndlovu offers to the rural community and to the country at large.

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