Boitumelo Maila heads to Germany for Sports Exchange Program

NCG aerobics instructor & power girls’ coordinator Boitumelo Maila, on a 3 months sports exchange program set to be trained by international German boxing champion, Nikkie Adler.

She will be back after 3 months to empower young girls and women in the community of Moutse, Limpopo with self-defence classes to protect themselves in cases of GBV.

Official closing of the Ndlovu Sports League

The official closing of the Ndlovu Sports League took place on Friday, 28 January 2022 at the Elandsdoorn Cruyff Courts. The Sporting codes included Soccer, Netball, Tennis and Basketball.

Dr Hugo Tempelman is awarded with an Honorary Doctorate

On Monday, 6 September 2021, Dr Hugo Tempelman was awarded with an Honorary Doctorate from Utrecht University in recognition of the enormous impact of his work on science and society, demonstrating how crucial science is in tackling the everyday challenges in a low socio-economic environment.

This award is a true reflection of the hard work and amazing contributions that Dr Tempelman and the Ndlovu Care Group have made in the community of Moutse, in Limpopo, South Africa, for more than 20 years. Providing healthcare and support services to orphans, vulnerable children, people living with disability, HIV patients and the needy in an effort to improve the economic and living conditions of the community at large. The Ndlovu Research Department has also played a major role in the contributions of Dr Tempelman through ground-breaking academic research and trials which are constantly translated into policy documents to improve treatment guidelines and patient care.

Ndlovu Care Group reaches a milestone in it’s vaccination program

Today, 12 August 2021, Ndlovu Care Group reaches the milestone of administering 50.000 vaccinations, a huge contribution to the National Vaccination Program in South Africa!NCG has vaccinated 33.674 Health Care Workers in the Limpopo Province and more than 15.000 members of the surrounding communities in our Public and Occupational Vaccination Program.A great achievement of which we are very proud! NCG is just starting and continues this important work with a team of over 40 health care workers to achieve #VacciNation


The extent to which the labour market was disrupted in the years 2020/2021 due to COVID -19 is immeasurable. While majority of people has lost their job, there was an enormous demand of essential workers especially within the Health Care and Medical Sector. 

Since the beginning this year, NCG has appointed 54 new staff members and has terminated 14 due to reasons of resignations, ill health and retirement. Most recruitments where for clinical staff( Nurses, Doctors, Medical Scientists and Technologist, etc.) . Although we had a few COVID-19 infections, we were very fortunate to not have any staff mortalities since the last year due to COVID-19.

The monthly staff movement since beginning of this year were recorded as below, making the total staff component as at beginning of July at 230.

Total Terminations122115214
Total Appointments8971172154

Of the 54 new recruits, a whopping 38% were recruited only in the month of July.  Ndlovu Care Group is and has always endeavors to create employment in South Africa, a country where the unemployment rate is rife.

The increase in employment rate means an increase in the services that Ndlovu offers to the rural community and to the country at large.

Ndlovu Care Group prepares for public Covid-19 vaccination roll out program

NCG has been granted permission to assist the Department of Health  in the COVID19 Roll Out Program.

The preparations are in full swing!!

Last week we received our first batch of Pfizer vaccines which was well received by our Pharmacist, Ambros Mashishi.

Mpho Motjelele, our IT network coordinator, has prepared 13 Laptops for registration and verification of the personal data for the community members to be vaccinated.

The site is prepared, a team of 16 people has been dedicated and well trained for this tremendous task.

We hope to become a “high through put site” with at least 1000 vaccinations per day.

The roll out started on Monday morning  from 08H00am until 17H00pm and we will be open six days a week, Saturdays from 08H00am until 13H00pm.

228 Vaccinations on the first day!

What an excitement!!

Covid-19 Food Parcels Project Report

Dear All

Ndlovu Care Group, the Ndlovu Team, the community at large, would like to thank you for your wonderful and huge donations done to support our beneficiaries in the difficult time of lockdown and COVID19 disaster.

In South Africa at this stage (25 October 2020)  there are almost 720.000 confirmed cases, 18.944 deaths and approximately an estimated extra deaths of 42.000 South Africans who have not been given a proper diagnosis or test for COVID19.

It remains our opinion that the virus itself does not make the worst of all our Public Health threats (HIV/AIDS had in its peak time approx. 1200 death a day and 1900 daily new HIV+ patients ….. for many years) but the lockdown created over 6 million job losses. As a result extreme poverty re-occurs especially in the rural areas of which we will not recover for the next few years. HUNGER will become a main threat and daily food security is for many uncertain.

The economic disaster is enormous in a country already defined by its huge inequalities and socio-economic differences……….

It is therefore that the assistance we together have provided, has been, and will remain so important!!

We continue to fundraise and look after our communities. This we can only do with your assistance. 

The report provided will give you a good insight in how important and lifesaving the food program is. Food parcels is an emergency response, food gardens a major step in sustainable food supply. 

Thanks a million