Community Disability and Rehabilitation Program

Care for the Disabled has a prominent place in the Ndlovu Child Care & Youth Development Programme. Mentally and/or physically handicapped children are often not integrated into society, often they do not receive adequate medical care, and the vulnerability of these children is enormous. Studies show that poverty, lack of access to nutritious food, exposure to environmental factors and pathogens, and social and other risks affect the quality of life of the disabled. Parental education how to handle a disabled child in the family is often not available. Households are often not able to afford the adaptations needed for the disabled child. Social and community stigma are so cruel that the disabled child is often hidden in a shack behind the main house. The nature of the abuse experienced by disabled children is often related to the nature of their disabilities: mentally and physically disabled children are at an increased risk of sexual abuse whilst those with learning disabilities are especially vulnerable to neglect and bullying. The result is a lifelong dependency on family care. 

The Jorishouse is a Community Rehabilitation Centre for Disabled Children whereby the disabled child and their caretaker are invited to participate. The child will undergo a thorough rehabilitation programme under the supervision of an Occupational Therapist, the mother/caretaker will be educated to perform and continue these tasks in the home setting. The household will be investigated and adaptations will be made to facilitate the care of the disabled child and the community will be approached to undergo a learning and awareness process how to accept and support a family in its community looking after a disabled child. Day Care Ceday care centre dedicated entirely to these people. The support is based on the Conductive Education System, where the children as well as the parents are trained. They are shown how to deal with the respective disability and how the children can be supported. It is a day programme. The children are not taken from their families. Three days a week the program is in the house, three days the employees go home to the families, look at the life situations on site and give practical, individual help on how the everyday life can be mastered more handicapped accessible.