Audiology Services

The devastating consequences of disabling hearing impairment for interpersonal communication, psychosocial well-being, economic independence and quality of life, irrespective of age of onset are well known. In an effort to prevent the onset of disabling hearing impairment and minimize the effect of non-preventable hearing impairment on the individual, family and community at large, Ndlovu Wits Audiology (NWA) clinic and outreach programme was established in 2014.


The audiology programme offers comprehensive, context-specific, targeted and effective ear and hearing care services in rural areas, where communities have limited access to audiological services.  We focus on the prevention of the onset of ear and hearing problems through appropriate community education programmes, the early identification of ear and hearing problems (newborn-, school- and community hearing screening), management of ear and hearing problems (diagnostic assessments and hearing aid fittings) and research.