Ndlovu Care Group built and established a safe 'home away from home', the Ndlovu Chill Hub, in the beginning of 2013.   A dynamically dedicated team that reflect our values which are 'innovative, dynamic, holistic, fun and funky', are stationed at the Chill Hub to offer assistance and advise to community members. 
The Chill Hub, a spacious double storey building, shares the site with the Ndlovu Sports Grounds.  The venue is open to all of the Elandsdoorn community and especially the youth and children of Elandsdoorn are welcomedhere are two local secondary schools located in Elandsdoorn, near Ndlovu, with an estimated 4000 students falling within the age range of 15-21. There are also various primary schools in the vicinity.  Learners need mentorship in terms of basic life skills, academic training, career guidance and access to internet, computer training and psychosocial support. 
The youth and children of Elandsdoorn need a place where they feel welcome, cared for and have access to learning facilities that they do not have at home.  This place would have to be a safe and fun haven, away from the streets and the perils that vulnerable children are confronted with daily. 
The following summarise the problems that have been prevalent for years in this community:
- With an impossibly high Matric failure rate, the necessity of offering afterschool tutoring for learners has become more and more apparent.

- Out of school and unemployed youth in the community have to be prepared for the job market, gaining skills such as CV writing, interview skills, business proposal writing, as well as vocational studies.

- In typical households where many parents work far away from home, many households are female headed, many youth and children are orphans and double orphans and hardship is a way of life.  Youth and children need safe and structured alternative to home where they can hang out after school.  This is a necessity rather than a luxury.  Social interaction with other children and youth would be a bonus in a safe setting.

-  Elandsdoorn has no public libraries.  Reading encourages and promotes learning skills and opens doors to knowledge and education.

- Elandsdoorn is a very remote and rural setting, where very few households have access to luxuries such as internet.  Very few community members have computer skills.  Keeping track of what is happening to peers, comparing skills, communicating, and exploring the vast access to knowledge that internet offers is a luxury that is especially lacking in the lives of the underprivileged children and youth of Elandsdoorn.  The internet additionally offers access to job and other opportunities.  Computer skills and internet access is an advantage that benefits every-one in an underserved community such as Elandsdoorn.

- The Community of Elandsdoorn is a very poor and underserved community and suffers heavily under the scourge of HIV and AIDS, creating orphans, child headed households and a myriad of related problems.   Ndlovu wants to address these problems holistically with appropriate psychosocial care and counselling.

- Basic life skills is a luxury that many vulnerable youth and children do not have.  Peers often promote harmful behaviour.  Skilled life skills counsellors have an important advisory and mentoring role to play in these underprivileged children and youth's lives.

- Access and encouragement to use a multi-facetted sports facility with trainers and training available on the same safe setting.

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