CHAMP Community health workers, trained to perform according to Ndlovu Care Group standards, who work at the four Ndlovu Nutritional Units, identify and enroll malnourished children together with their caregivers into a training and feeding program.  

With the unique inter referral program that Ndlovu Care Group offers, the children's health status is determined at the Ndlovu 12-Hour Community Health Clinic, where underlying disease is treated.  The  are brought back to health with an adequate diet at the NNU's, where weight, medical status and progress are monitored.  The inter referral system of Ndlovu Care Group ensures holistic care.  The NNU project bridges the gap between the doctors' recommendations and the care-givers' limitations regarding health care knowledge. 

Care-givers are enrolled in a series of lectures, educating them on a life-skills curriculum including all issues relevant to childcare and early childhood development.  These lectures include information about nutrition, personal hygiene, HIV/AIDS, and physical and mental child care and milestones..

The NNU's maintain their own vegetable gardens, which provide a constant source of fresh vegetables to the pre-schools and nutritional units.  The gardens are also used to educate care givers and encourage them to grow their own gardens at home.  Care-givers are issued with seedlings for this purpose. 

Malnourished children are admitted to the NNU's for an average of three months, depending on the health status of the child.  Once a child is deemed healthy and fit enough to be discharged, the child's progress is monitored for two months with weekly visits from the Community Health Services and after that by HBC-givers to ensure that children do not regress.

Ndlovu Pre-Schools
The children graduate from the nutritional units into the 3 Ndlovu preschools where they partake in an accredited early childhood development program, wellbeing is monitored and where they receive balanced meals. 
There are about 100 children enrolled in the Pre-schools per annum

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