Ndlovu Care Group established a youth choir in 2009, which we are very proud of. Our choristers all hail from the very rural Limpopo community of Elandsdoorn.  All of them are enrolled in the Ndlovu Children's Program and a few of these kids even live in Child Headed Households, where siblings are interdependent and parental duties have had to be taken over by elder siblings.
Since we have started the Youth
Choir, these youths have been unstoppable.  Our choir master, Ralf Schmitt comments that, of all the choirs he trains, the Ndlovu Youth Choir (NYC) is  the most enthusiastic and passionate and truly dedicated.
The NYC has been invited to perform at various prestigious venues in the past years amongst which the most memorable were  those in the Netherlands for  two successive years. 
For the 2012 Netherlands tour, the Choir performed at a Gala-event in De Bussel and at the St Jan's Basiliek, both in Oosterhout.   Diva Claire Johnston joined the NYC for these performances.  The youngsters enchanted and enthralled the Dutch audiences with glorious music a ranging from poignant lullaby's to the heady beat of gumboot dancing.  Besides praise for the exquisite music, the Dutch were charmed by the enthusiasm and joy of the choristers, as one admirer put it: " … gebeurde er eindelijk eens iets LEUKS op de markt !!" 
Many of the songs performed were songs that have been sung by mothers to their children for hundreds of years and never before recorded.  These songs were sung by a gogo in the community to choir master Ralf Schmitt, and thus captured and noted.  The songs were recorded and published in a coffee table book.  Besides the enormous prestige value that this book offered to our choristers we hope that will add to equipping the choristers with a tangible asset towards job seeking and future personal development.
The tangibles that these performances, the coffee table book and the acclaim that accompanies all of this proves to be invaluable to a group of youngsters that have seldomly set foot outside of Moutse.
It is with pride and hope and delighted expectation that we therefor offer our experience in these fields of development to the University of Pretoria and particularly to the UP Youth Choir.
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