Ndlovu Care Group identified the need for a facility to train the Ndlovu staff of Elandsdoorn in computer literacy as the Clinic expanded and more people were employed in the early 2000's.  This lead to the establishment of the Ndlovu Information Technology and Training (NITT) project. 
The NITT is centered in the Ndlovu Chill Hub and offers an internet café and other related services.  The courses offered at NITT are ISETT SETA accredited, which means that students who pass the Computer Literacy 1 course will be issued with a valid certificate equivalent to NQF 3.
The potential of the project's impact cannot be over emphasised.  The access that an internet café offers an underserved community will help to break the cycle of poverty by giving the community internet access to the world wide net and increase, amongst others, the opportunity to employment and education.  Schools and scholars who do not have access to internet or who are not computer literate are left with less opportunities to choose from. 
NITT would like to expand training to school teachers and learners to assist them with e-learning towards improving matric pass rates that are currently below 30% in the area.  Internet access in the underserved rural areas is a portal to every kind of information, an invaluable study aid for students, entrance to social networking and much
The biggest problem that NITT faces, is directly due to the overwhelming poverty of the target area, which is lacl of funds to attend lectures. 
Bursaries to deserving candidates would ensure computer literacy to support CVs for job seekers and will improve employability of the candidates. The project has the potential to bloom and the more computer literate candidates we produce, the more the project can make use of additional educators to expand to more areas.  Making the internet more accessible to the community is of exceptional value due to the seclusion of the community.

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