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Ndlovu Care Group has established a reputation of unequalled service excellence in the past 20 years.  Community and Health Care Programs that are designed towards prevention rather than treatment of compromised conditions, and a spectrum of services that are integrated towards normalising the lives of the afflicted, has set a pattern of excellent outcomes that has the potential to be repeated.
The Health Awareness, and Mobilisation Program provides the community with prevention, care, treatment, maintenance, and affords them the opportunity to fulfil their potential. 
Access to counseling and care are priority objectives in the fight against and the prevention of HIV/AIDS.  The major challenge is to get everybody to know their HIV status.  Presently only 1% of the total population of South Africa has undergone voluntary counseling and testing.
Ndlovu Care Group’s vision for CHC is:
-Increased uptake of Voluntary Counseling and Testing,
-TB testing, socio-economic screening and childhood development screening - early detection.
-Early care seeking behavior and staging in the appropriate RAP programs to minimise further risk.
-Early referral for treatment to avoid deterioration.
-Encouragement of safer habits to support prevention efforts and minimise risk.
-Effective inter referral amongst NCG Programs.
-Openness and acceptance of the poor and other judgedconditions,
-Gender equality & female empowerment
Ndlovu Care Group focuses on employment and skills development in their local communities to deliver clinical and community service.  Most of the full time employees of NCU are recruited and trained from the local community.
Mobilisation, Awareness & Destigmatising:
Ndlovu Care Group’s community upliftment programs with the objective of changing perspectives regarding sero-conversion of the HIV virus, promotes the impartment of information, awareness and education on these and related issues. 
Promoting behavioral changes, by encouraging voluntary testing, counseling, early intervention and adherence management, are the objectives of CHAMP, which could hopefully eventually result in zero new infections.
Community participation in the awareness programme requires communication and continuous intervention on behalf of the impoverished and vulnerable.  Commitment and mobilisation can only be achieved by educating of the community with related knowledge to make informed choices and the teaching of applicable life skills to the afflicted. 

Destigmatising of HIV status, poverty, orphans and gender related issues can only be accomplished with improving relevant education and intervention by the community itself on behalf of the afflicted. Awareness campaigns are regularly launched by Ndlovu Community Services to promote participation and sympathy of the community in the plight of their fellows.
Having built a relationship of trust with the community by way of the Ndlovu Community Health Services, the expectation is that the roll out will be community participation eventual leading to the level of  self sustainment

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