Ndlovu recently built and has taken into use an additional centre, the Bloempoort Mini Campus for Comprehensive Child Care, which was copied from the models of the very successful existing Ndlovu Nutritional Units, Ndlovu Pre-Schools and the Chill Hub.  Bloempoort is an extremely underserved area of Moutse and the Bloempoort campus offers professional service delivery to children from cradle to adulthood, with the addition of water projects, job opportunities and of course for some, the opportunity to be identified as children with the potential to excel.
Ndlovu Care Group continues to move away from crises based reactionary service delivery towards focusing on effective risk assessment and prevention. The Ndlovu Child Care Programs focus on a range of services aimed at addressing the prevention, intervention and maintenance steps to promote normalised development and achievement of children up to the age they leave school and monitors development and assists young adults in the critical period after school during the process of preparing for employability.
The interdisciplinary research done by the Ndlovu Research Consortium, includes research findings regarding this project, enabling Ndlovu Care Group to establish a stronger than ever evidence based footprint in South Africa regarding integrated child care.
The beneficiaries of this project will not only be the children in the program, but the community in its entirety and the South African Government as a whole, who will be able to facilitate this evidence in benchmarking for future similar projects.

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