Ndlovu Community Development Programs are aligned with the Maslow Hierarchy of Needs.  This means that any given problem or need is addressed at the source of the problem, which, pertaining to the Ndlovu target group, usually has to do with physiological needs such as water, food, sustainable income and housing.
In the 2014 reporting period, 45% of the total Limpopo population was made up of children under the age of 20 years, which statistically explains why so many of Ndlovu Care Group’s programs are youth orientated.  In alignment with the hierarchy of needs, Ndlovu Care Group attempts to provide in the safety and security needs of the most vulnerable - building & renovating of houses and delivering health care. Human interaction is encouraged with educational-, sport- and cultural facilities and programs, providing in the human need for love and belonging. Presenting the means to personal development naturally builds confidence and escalates individual self esteem which in turn provides the building blocks towards actualisation of ambitions and has resulted in education, jobs and self fulfilment for countless individuals in the community. Ndlovu Care Group wants to see every person in the communities we serve become responsible, self-sustaining  and emotionally fulfilled South Africans

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