One of the most devastating consequences of the high prevalence of HIV/AIDS in the community where Ndlovu is active, is that there are many households in which children are orphaned, where siblings are interdependent and parental duties had to be taken over by elder siblings.  Ndlovu has many such children in their care.  These children need specialised interventions for their survival, of which safe and secure homes are of the most important.
The Tjommie Foundation of the Netherlands donated money in 2012 to Ndlovu Care Group to build 28 houses for such families.  These homes are specifically built near boreholes (a separate project of Ndlovu, who has erected 42 bore-holes for the community to date) to assist with the constant problem of water shortage that the community has to contend with.  The houses are four room standard RDP houses.  The Social Worker and CHAMP Community Services Team assist these children to link with the Department of Social Development to help them get birth certificates, identity documents, food parcels and foster care grants.  "We also assist the children with homework and Vodacom donated a library to Ndlovu Care Group, that will benefit them in gaining educational information", says one of the Life Skills Facilitators.  She further said that children are assisted with life skills instruction and counselling at the Chill Hub and that Ndlovu Care Group assist matriculants with making career decisions and to access grants. Our CHAMP Team encourages the children to go to school and they try to help them with school fees, uniforms and other educational facilities.
One of the beneficiaries, Rose Mkhabela, thanked Ndlovu Care Group and the Tjommie Foundation for their dedication.  “I used to live in an old mud house and my parents passed away four years ago. I applied for an RDP house many times but with no success. I don’t know how I can express my happiness,” she said.
The Child Care Program Team is always on the look-out for donors to assist with food for these children.  Besides the security that sturdily built homes offer, food security is an extremely difficult problem for children to deal with.

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