Ndlovu Care Group has a holistic approach to promoting community health services and the need for intervention on behalf of children to prevent and treat oral disease was identified. The Ndlovu Oral Hygiene & Dental Care Project was started in 2003 under the name Ngwenya (meaning crocodile) Community Dental Care Program.

The partnership existing between the Dental Care Project and other Ndlovu Care Group programs, is an integral part of the model developed by Ndlovu. Receiving referrals from and giving referrals to other Ndlovu Programs, enable our Child Care Program to provide a comprehensive range of services to children in crises.

Although the program operates under the Ndlovu Children’s Program, the target groups are both the Primary School Children and the community at large, providing both preventative education and extensive dental care on a supportive and regular basis.
Services include:
        Oral hygiene instructions, such as proper brushing & flossing
        Screening (examinations)
        Scaling and polishing
        Preventives (fissure sealants)
        Restoratives (composite fillings)
        Emergency root canal treatment
        Tooth extractions

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