The H.A.A.R.T. Project
(Highly Active Anti Retroviral Treatment -  medical term for a treatment comprising of a combined cocktail of three drugs which suppresses the replication of the HIV virus completely)
The H.A.A.R.T project started in the Ndlovu Medical Centre in 2003. This is the medical term for the current standard of medical management of HIV/AIDS.
 H.A.A.R.T has so far initiated successful treatment in thousands of patients.  At the time that this information was put to writing the number of patients actively on the H.A.A.R.T project stands at 4500.
H.A.AR.T also offers the innovative Prevention of Mother to Child Transmission Program.  (Since the implementation of the PMTCT program, there has been zero infant deaths due to transmission)
 Deaths due to AIDS can be prevented if the intervention starts early enough, but successful treatment is also subject to the adherence of the patient to lifelong treatment.  Motivation to keep patients from defaulting has impelled H.A.A.R.T to develop an innovative Adherence Management Protocol.  Together with ongoing monitoring and continuous supply of medicines, the   success model has led to less than 5% defaulters.
 Ndlovu Care Group hopes that the program, which has the potential to eradicate death due to AIDS completely, will be implemented throughout Southern Africa.
The Ndlovu Tuberculosis Programme works in close association with the National TB Sekhukune and TB Elias Motsoaledi Sub-districts. 
The TB Tas 2 offices were  established for this purpose.
The impact of HIV/AIDS is drastically changing the nature of TB clinical management and NCG is constantly faced with new challenges.  With the HIV/AIDS epidemic fueling the spread of TB, collaboration with the Ndlovu H.A.A.R.T.project was eminent and the following activities put into action...
- Facilitation and promotion of voluntary counseling and testing
- Enrollment and treatment of co-infected patients in the H.A.A.R.T. program
- Strong collaboration with the Ndlovu Aids Awareness Program was also put into action to improve TB Awareness & Education
- TB  Screenings
All household contacts of smear positive registered TB patients
Household contacts of confirmed drug resistant patients
Children under 5 years
Adherence management and default tracing protocol copied from H.A.A.R.T
Implementation of Data Management Training Courses for Ndlovu Staff in collaboration with the Department of Health

With a fully equipped Laboratory and digital X-ray facilities, Ndlovu Care Group may be linked, when necessary, to central specialists for advanced diagnoses.
HIV Monitoring Lab & Integrated IT System
The customised laboratory on the Ndlovu site, together with an integrated IT system, facilitates short turn around times for test results.  An individual follow-up system and program evaluation on compliancy, defaulting, viral suppression, etc is facilitated at the same time.

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