Ndlovu Chill Hubs, Gym & Audiology out and about!

On Friday the 1st of February 2019 The Ndlovu Chill Hubs, Gym and Audiology teams hosted an outreach program at Moutse Mall to make the community aware of the services that are available at these Ndlovu centers. The audiology department also conducted free hearing tests to the public. The Chill Hubs are situated in Elandsdoorn and Bloempoort and the services include access to a library, internet, computer classes, a quiet place to study and social work services.

Swedish DJ/Singer Sandro Cavazza and DJ/Producer Kygo in Studio with Ndlovu Youth Choir

From the dusty streets of Moutse Valley, who would have thought that a group of young people could raise the bar when it comes to choral music? That is exactly what the Ndlovu Youth Choir is doing! From Tuesday the 22nd of January 2019 Swedish DJ/Singer Sandro Cavazza and DJ/Producer Kygo have been in SA to record a few songs with the Ndlovu Youth Choir, the choir was selected from a selection of 5 choirs for this collaboration and Ndlovu seemed to have impressed these international artists. This collaboration was facilitated by Sony Music International.

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NCCP Donates Food Parcels for the Festive Season!

The festive season is a time to be happy in celebration of the end of the year and the beginning of a new one with friends and family, but with the high rate of unemployment and poverty in our communities, it is not every household that has the privilege of catering for all these festivities. The Ndlovu Child Care Program identified such families in the communities of Moutse, Dennilton, Bloempoort and surrounding areas and ensured that most of these households were able to celebrate the festive season without having to worry about fending for basic needs. This was achieved through the distribution of food parcels. Although this act does not entirely eradicate poverty, it definitely brings ease to the affected families and helps them to focus on other meaningful things such as clothes, medical needs and school uniform. All of the beneficiaries were so happy and thankful to Ndlovu Child Care workers and the Tjommie Foundation who funded this amazing project.